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Published on June 29, 2013, in Uncategorized.

It was an awesome night!  Carlos and I had a fantastic time, as always, teaching for one of NYC’s glorious outdoor dance events.  Spanish Harlem Orchestra was on fire! Oscar Hernandez and all the fabulous musicians of the band were amazing, AND we got a chance to meet Paul Simon:)  Also, just beautiful to know we share this great dance with so many wonderful friends and passionate aficionados of salsa music – I’m Filipina, and Carlos Chileno, but it’s also our dance:)

Spanish Orchestra – June 28th,

Carlos & Almyra - Midsummer Night Swing June 28, 2013 (Spanish Harlem Orquestra)

Carlos & Almyra – Midsummer Night Swing June 28, 2013

Photograph by Kevin Yatarola

A little rain didn’t stop thousands of New Yorkers, including music legened Paul Simon, from enjoying….